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Worked in the call center for 8 years and watched everything go downhill and finally got to the point of calling mostly customers that never expressed interest in a walk in tub and harassed them daily . To hear their frustrations of calling them day after day was heartbreaking but we were sitting there on a chopping block to still get appointments or else we would be terminated. It came to being physically ill walking into a job. It turns out at... Read more

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A bunch of low life thieves. I signed a contract to have then install a tub but they never showed up for 4 months and when I asked for my $4250.00 back they sent me a letter saying I forfeit the deposit cause I cancelled the contract. The letter they've sent me has no name and the phone number on it was no longer in service 386-761-1830 A bunch of dishonest people What a shame. Now I have to take than to court and ask for the lawyers fee as... Read more

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I worked for gainsborugh baths in Lexington Nc for 8 years they were so unfair to all us employees when they closed the plant in july22 2016 they kept all employees vacation days that they had left and just told us we no longer had a job putting me and I sure everyone else in a financial situation I'm not happy the way we were treated took our bonus away our5 dollar a day clean-up pay our 5 sick days I just wander if the main corporate knew... Read more

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So, in June we decided to get my mom one of these tubs so that she could start taking a bath again also shower and wash her hair. I have to say that the tub is nice. BUTTTTTTT when she discovered that she could not work the handle to take a shower it was very disappointing to her. So, I called to get her tub some maintenance to find out that all the numbers that were left for her in case she had any troubles were all BAD NUMBERS. I went through... Read more

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Please do not use this company, from the salesman to the fitters it is over priced and the finish is awful. They are not dementia friendly and only employ contractors not their own fitters. So services is second rate. We heard the fitter shouting in my dads hall at the surveyor, which if anyone knows people with dementia it is very frightening for them. Getting hold of someone is authority to speak to is also a nightmare - I had to be... Read more

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Premier Care In Bathing - Primier Care in Bathing is a SCAM
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My elderly father (he is 77 years old) was pressured into buying this “custom” bathtub for $26,000 by a salesman/contractor representing Premier Care in Bathing, who came to his door. He was told that the bathtub would be made specifically to fit into his bathroom seamlessly and that he would need to purchase a much larger water heater for the tub to function. Upon delivery and installation we discovered that the tub does not fit seamlessly... Read more

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My tub is leaking around the door and it has been two months now and they have got my phone # blocked so i can only call them from an out side # one time and then they will block it also i have the dates i called they will not return my calls i am With out a bath i can only use the shower i have only one foot and the use of my other leg is no good i needed a bath i am paying for a bath i guess i will have to stop paying and see if that will help... Read more

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Put down payment of 1,000.00 dollars down on tub, cancelled with in stated period on contract Premier refuses to refund my deposit back! Continue to get run around when calling! Will not accept this and will be filing suit! Read more

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I am an electrical contractor in Wisconsin. They did not pay me for jobs I did for them. The rep promised to take care of the invoices but now he ignores my calls or his voicemail box is always full. I think there are many other contractors that are trying to collect from previous jobs. If you call the main number and try to get the accounting department, you also don't get a live person to talk to. You must leave a voicemail and that voicemail... Read more

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I am an electrician I was also screwed by this company stating another company bought them and they cannot pay me what they owe me. So I worked for them for free and they want me to swallow it and keep working for free! By the way folks do your research no ONE bought them they are just changing names. The owners live in England and screwing everyone in the US, workers and the elderly.

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