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My in-laws are well into their 70's and 80's on a very tight fixed income. My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with dementia and has fallen several times.

Premier Care Bath came to give them an estimate on replacing their tub / shower combo with a step-in shower with a seat, which is what they need. The sales rep played on my father-in-law's illness, suggesting that the fianancing be in his name only, so that when he passes away, my mother-in-law will not have to make any more payments. The cost of the tub and work in a TINY bathroom was $13,500 - tub, 1/2 way up the walls, and flooring). My husband had to argue with the sales rep after the contract was signed to have extra work done that should have been included in the price from the beginning.

The workmanship is mediocre at best. They only installed the shower / tub. No new toilet, sink, nothing. They took the shelving / medicine cabinets off the walls and did not replace.

We had to pay for them and install them ourselves. Their house is not worth much to begin with and this did nothing to add to the value of the house. This company should be forced to close due to unethical business practices.

We got involved too late to cancel the contract.

Monetary Loss: $13500.

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I am sure glad I read these reviews. I was thinking of having one put in my home but I think I will no longer consider them.

Unfortunately I signed up for a brochure which means I will be getting hassled to death.

I also do not like the fact that you cannot find a price anywhere from them which also makes me very leary. What's to hide?

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I just called them with some basic questions on pricing. They are very secretive which raised a red flag .....

When I kept pushing the issue the sales rep put me on terminal hold. I hung up and called back and got the same *** and told him off. And then I called my state's at tourney general with a complaint and they are now tutting them on notice. Thank you for your posting.

It might not have helped your father in law but it helped me make a decision!!!

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