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Update by user Feb 15, 2013

UPDATE 2/15/2013:

My letter seemed to work.I got another call from a Premier installer and he will be out today at 11AM.

ALSO, I got a rather beat up box with a new (additional) grab bar and a seat cushion, which were two of my suggestions in my letter. I think putting a picture of my father surrounded by his family (there were 21 of us in the picture) may have lent some humanity to my complaint. I do appreciate that they are responding.

Maybe its because I told them I don't intend on suing them.:)

Update by user Feb 02, 2013

Just to let everyone know, Premier Baths blew me off and never responded to my complaints, so I wrote the CEO, Iain Whyte.He should have received the letter last week.

AT THE VERY LEAST, I hope they come out and fix the temperature gauge so that it stops going from scalding hot to icy cold.

At any rate, my next tactic is to film my dad getting in/out of the tub (in his shorts), mark it private, post to youtube, and then email Iain Whyte the link.If they STILL refuse to contact me, I am going live baby...

Original review posted by user Jan 01, 2013

I have been remiss in not telling the world that I hate this product. We have now had a "Premier" Walk In bathtub (http://premiercarebathing.com/) for about 6+ years and I have a litany of feedback I would like to share. Why I have not complained about this before is beyond me. Today I had to write after giving my dad a shower, his dad's knees nearly buckled trying to get out of it (it took my husband and me plus a physical therapy belt to get him from the tub to the toilet to sit down).

I have been stuck with a substandard AND unsafe product for the elderly that cost us a whopping $12,000 to buy and install, and that was the "for you, I will give you a deal" deal, whereby the salesman had his "own" installers who could install the tub for MUCH LESS than the company could install it (I think the original quote was for $19,000.00 which is ridiculous).

I have an 82 year old elderly father who lives with me. He has M.S. and a heart condition. We got the "Premier" walk-in tub to help me bathe him. The design has several flaws.

First of all, the door is way to narrow. My father is only 148 pounds, and cannot get in/out of the tub without going sideways and stepping down. This is quite difficult, given the weakness in his legs from M.S.

Second, the so-called temperature gauge, which is supposed to keep the water from getting too hot, fluctuates from ice cold to scalding hot. Our other shower on the same water heater and same line does not fluctuate.

Third, the bathtub part of this product (with the air jets) does not keep the water heated. So by the time you fill the tub, its freezing. Further, if you take a bath, you cannot open the door until it completely drains out, so you are wet and cold by the time you can get out. (We have taken a bath in it maybe twice in 6+ years.)

Fourth, the door opens IN, which makes it extremely hard for the elderly person to get out because they have to negotiate not only the narrow opening, but also a door in their way.

Finally, for the money that we spent for this "premier" tub, we could have completely renovated our bathroom to have a handicap accessible walk in shower, which would have increased the value of our home, instead of this piece of *** tub that we are stuck with (because it cost us $12,000!!!)

I am telling everyone (verbally and on the internet) that this product is not worth the money.

Shame on Premier Care in Bathing!!


Monetary Loss: $12000.

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i'm looking for a door seal for our premier brand walk in tub nobody seems to have it it is a small bulb type seal


I'm looking for a drain for our premier walk in tub

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1252963

Premier tubs are a big disappointment please do not purchase these tubs.

Wise, Virginia, United States #1206738

i feel the same way!i got the haven tub and right from the start they had to come fix the panel..

now my side shower holder...you know the holder on the side of the tub that is suppose to hold the shower head....it broke off like 3 months ago! we have contacted them several times and a work order was "supposedly" put in and its almost 4 months later and still havent heard from them! I myself have contacted the better business bureau....i suggest EVERYONE do the same!

Im going to stop payment on them and maybe they will contact me then?if not, guess we will go to court!!!


They actually know all of the problems with their product, they just don 't care to address them


I hope these problems weren't from day one.The door size is average size for walk in tubs.

There is a company that has a flip-up seat to make entrance/exit easier but, the day of install your dad should have tried getting in and out of the tub first. The water temp is probably due to a malfunctioning thermostatic mix valve. It only has a one year warranty, so call a licensed plumber to replace. Air jets can not and will not heat the water to any degree, regardless of what you were told.

There are tubs out there that have built-in seat warmers that help keep the tub unit warm.

Water jets have heaters but Premier doesn't have that option. The door opening in is very common in the walk in tub industry due to the hydrostatic pressure from the water against the tub door. It ensures a tighter seal.

Finally, any one considering a walk in tub, they should be able to enter and exit by themselves without help.If they can't, a walk in shower would be a better choice

to tub guy Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States #1239302

Do you have a current fax number for them, I'd appreciate it.



Premier Walk in Bathtub is not only waste money also bad product.

The truth worsens are100%.I got one $10,000.00 in December 2012 for my elderly father, who is 90 years old and sick, that I told the sale man but, after they installed, I had very hard time try to get inside the tub myself.

The door is too narrow. I weight 125 lbs, my father is 160lbs. After I called , they gave me a bunch of names of manager and installers phone numbers (their answers was those people no longer work with them?)Then after 4 months they replace a new tub.

This time my father has the hard time to close the door.I called them before thanksgiving 2013, the repair man came, could not fix it,and somehow made a big hole in my tub ,so they agreed replacing another tub on 12/4/2013 but,still after 2 day it is hard for me to close the door and also the latch fall apart.


i recently purchased a walk in tub for my mom and it took a while to shop around and find the right one.the one i bought has a lifetime warranty and that was important to me especially after finding out the price.

so if you are going to buy one this is the way to go.

i purchased mine at simplytubs.com, but there are a bunch of companies out there that have the american made walk in tubs you just have to find one with a lifetime warranty.Also i saved money by having a friend install the bath tub, ask if you can buy the tub alone without installation some companies will not sell it this way.


Premier model is price gouging and deception.The tubs are twice what a locally purchased american made walk in tub costs.

They target the elderly, hoping they don't out live the one year warranty. The installers are told to fill tub with cold water only so it's not noticed that the hot runs out before the tub is filled. The tubs come with air jets only, which don't have an effect on muscles.

The only thing they do right, as with most walk in tubs, the door swings in for proper sealing.Lesson to all who are considering, Shop around !!!!!

Orlando, Florida, United States #588198

I have seen the adverisements for this unit. Nice to know that people have to be warned about the shortcomings of this unit. Thank you.

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