Premier Care In Bathing - Failed attempt to contact by phone.

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My tub leaks. Tried to contact by phone.

The phone is no longer in service. Has the company gone out of business?

Review about: Premier Care In Bathing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Premier Care In Bathing - My tub leaks

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Door and seal have lifetime warranty, however i can't find a good number to have it repaired. I'll sue if there's water damage to my floor, as it will need repaired as well because it was damaged by a company warrantied product

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Premier Care In Bathing - Repairs

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The phone number given has been disconnected

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Premier Care In Bathing - Disgusted

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I bought a premier care walk in tub for my father 7 years ago. After a month,mothe jets stopped working.

Now, the door leaks water all over the bathroom floor. Can't contact them, they're out of business I guess, but $16,000.00 wasted on this piece of garbage. I want my money back. Now I have to hire a plumber to fix this piece of crap.

Their phone number is disconnected.

I am so angry trying to care for my father, turn my house into a nursing home for his safety and comfort, and premier care is unreadable but they were more than happy to take advantage of us and left us with an expensive defective bathtub. I want to sue them for taking our savings and screwing us over

Review about: Premier Care In Bathing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $16000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Premier Care In Bathing - Service

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Well first it took to long to in stall then had to have some one else to come out to fix what the first guy did wrong. Then we bought a new toilet and it leaked the now it’s doing it we replace the flush handle 3 times and it’s broke again .

Now you can’t get a hold of customer service Phone no longer in service. Need to get a law suit for them letting me know they would not be in Service. Nothing in the mail either. So how do I get things taken care of.

Or start a lawsuit? Any feedback will be appreciated.

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If a lawsuit ever comes to fruition we'd like in on it too. My dad purchased his tub and within a month it began leaking and they didn't bother putting anything under the tub but chip board which just soaks it all up.

The salesman states that he quit right after selling my father his tub and it seemed like he knew they were shady and left because of it. Now my dad still has a $14k+ bill to pay off, ruined bathroom, hallway, and adjacent room floors and walls, mold issues, and a cough that won't go away.


I would def. like in on that lawsuit.

I have pictures and the medical reports where my supposed chair in my shower broke and dropped me into the floor. I am still having back issues to this day! I have pictures and everything! Chair was supposed to hold 500 pounds and I was only 260 pounds at the time!

I am a Right BKA. I couldn’t get up...Called to ask what they were going to do about it, and it took me threatening a lawsuit to get them to come and replace, and it still scares me.

Every time It creaks, or shifts I have a full on panic attack! I was diagnosed with PTSD because of this incedent.


I'd like lawsuit info as well


I’d also appreciate info regarding joining a lawsuit against Premier

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Premier Care In Bathing - Can not find phone number for premier Care company that i pu

Not resolved

Purchased walkin bathtub from. Need repairs

Review about: Walkin Bathtub.

Premier Care In Bathing - Service not good

Not resolved

We've been without our tub for over a month waiting on a part this has been the third time

Review about: Premier Care In Bathing Walk In Tub.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Premier Care In Bathing - So far, The Perfect Heist.

34750 Van Dyke, Sterling Heights, MI 48312, USA 0 comments
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The company was sold three times in three months. They were selling extended warrantys up until they at least two weeks before they closed their doors.

Ron Green was the last owner in Datona Fl. and when he ran out of inventory he started using Clark tubs in place of Gainsborough tubs "premier tubs". I think that is the tub he sells up north at his primary business. And I know he is or recently was still selling as Premier also.

They cold called me not long ago trying to make a sale. They hung up when I told them I work for them. A lot of contractors would hear "we bought premier not their debts." I can't believe they have gotten away with this.

They need to be held accountable!!! I could go on and on but I think you get it.

Premier Care In Bathing - Pair

Not resolved

Since we purchased the tub, we had it checked out and repaired once. Since then, I have not been able to talk to anyone who can repair it.

I've tried for over a year to repairs done on my tub to no avail. I call Premier's 1-800 number and they forwarded me to a non-working number and a number that just rings. We paid a lot of money for this tub and we cannot get any service? This is ridiculous.

It's leaking on and off which can lead to bigger issues in our home.

NO ONE HAS CALLED ME BACK. I'm very displeased with this company and the customer service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Bath tub.

I didn't like: Poor customer service and lack of repairmen.

Premier Care In Bathing - Haven tub by premium bath

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Not resolved

I purchased the haven about four years ago and now I can't use the jet because when I turn them on they last about three seconds and then they shut off so you can't enjoy a bubble bath with the jets on.The lifetime seal is beginning to tear and when I tried to call premium the telephone number was not in service,so where am I suppose to get this fixed.Premium Bath should be ashamed of themselves and should be made accountable and repair people tubs.They took are money now make good on your product.I am older and have a ninety six year old mother and we could no longer get in and out of a bathtub so we thought premium bath wad the way to go and now you can't speak with anyone when there is a problem.They are a bunch of cowards to turn their phones off so they can't speak with anyone.Shame Shame Shame

Review about: Premier Care In Bathing Bathtub Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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